Withdrawal and Deposit Limits

In order to make transactions at Coinpara, your account must be approved. There are three types of customer groups in Coinpara according to the customer recognition level and the risk-limit amounts of each level are different. The TL and cryptocurrency deposit-withdrawal limits that Coinpara customers can make are listed below.

Database Isolation and Access

Coinpara databases are isolated and access to our private network is only possible with a complex set of rules. Access to data and processing is possible with the approval of our multi-layer transition system. This feature makes the most reliable trading platform Coinpara in Turkey. Our database is kept isolated in one of Turkey's best central database and are backed up continuously.

Hidden Safe System

Coinpara uses a kind of secret safe created from scratch to store sensitive information in our system. This digital vault is built to the highest technological standards and is placed behind a virtual cloud and is hidden from any assets other than those predefined in our own systems.

System Wallets

Coinpara uses 2 different advanced wallet technologies to keep crypto assets and transactions safe: Cold Wallet: Cold storage wallets are kept offline in a secure safe box that can only be provided if two founders are present at the same time. This process protects trades and exchanges from attack when hackers try to breach the platform. Hot Wallet: It enables digital currencies to be recognized during the flow of deposit requests.

Two Factor "2FA" Security Authentication

Two-factor security verification, known as 2FA, is an extra feature designed to prevent others from accessing your account on Coinpara and your digital wallets. The two types of authentication require an authentication method that you enter on your mobile device (SMS or Google authentication) in addition to your password. This allows you to be sure that accounts are safe from unauthorized access.

Suspicious Activity Detection System

Logs all activities of Coinpara users. If any suspicious account activity is detected, the account is immediately put on hold for internal control review and verification. Our advanced rule sets have been defined on this subject. For example; Reported as "suspicious account activity" from multiple locations or through an unknown IP address within a short period of time.

DDOS Protection

Coinpara uses one of the best CDNs (content distribution network) to prevent DDoS attacks to disable a trade and interfere with the transaction.

256 bit SSL

End-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption is used to ensure that all communications originating from the web browser and transmitted to our servers are cryptographically secure and cannot be decrypted.