What is Scalping?

Instant trading (scalping) in the crypto money market is a form of trading to make a profit by making continuous transactions throughout the day. Instant traders aim to profit from small price movements. The aim is not to make large profits from each trade, but to achieve small profits over and over again. If instant traders can succeed in this, their trading account will grow over time as well. Leveraged transactions and stop-loss order types are frequently used to gain profits in this form.

Instant trading in cryptocurrencies is a short-term trading strategy that is frequently used today. It requires quick decision making when trading, a great deal of technical analysis and knowledge of chart interpretation. Many professional daily trading people dedicate some of their trading accounts to instant trading.

Since instant trading strategies can be used in many different financial sectors, those who perform instant trading are very active in the stock, Forex and crypto money markets.

Because instant trades involve short timeframes, instant traders first use technical analysis to form their trading ideas. With the increased interest in the market due to some published news or important events, stocks or cryptocurrencies can have high volume and liquidity instantly. Those who make instant buy-sell transactions can make a profit with the price change experienced by making transactions at this point.

Instant trading is all about finding small opportunities in the market and taking advantage of them. Instant traders usually trade on much shorter timeframes. These can be 1-hour, 15-minute, 5-minute or 1-minute intraday charts.