What is EOS?

Website: https://eos.io/

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Circulating Supply: 955.209.333 EOS

Total Supply: EOS

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Whitepaper: EOS Whitepaper

What is EOS?

EOS can be classified as an operating system or even as a competitor to Ethereum. EOS is blockchain-based, with infinite scale capacity and no transaction fee, making it different from other blockchains. The crypto money used in the EOS blockchain is also called EOS.

EOS was founded in 2017 by a private corporate blog called block.one, and Dan Larimer, creator of Proof-of-stake (PoS), STEEM and Bitshares, is also the CTO of block.one.

EOS aims to be a completely decentralized operating system, and its targeted usage areas and forms include smart contracts, decentralized storage solutions and DApps environments.

In other words, to explain; Owning EOS on the EOS platform indicates that you have the right to transact in the blockchain operating system. If you have the EOS coin, you can use the operating system, build new applications and use the blockchain. Unlike other currencies, you do not need to pay or pay any fees or additional fees when you set up a system on EOS.

EOSs can be stored in digital wallets and secure wallets of Coinpara. If it is desired to be stored in a personal digital wallet, it is recommended to store it in wallets that support ERC20 compatible tokens.