Brief Information About Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

For the Internet, it cannot be denied that it is one of the most important developments in the human realm. People's lives have seriously changed and become easier thanks to the internet. When some of the dangers and risks it creates are put aside, thanks to the internet; He has the power to easily do many things that were unimaginable in the past. Thanks to computers or devices communicating with each other, not only information, but everything that is valued has become shareable.

When the modern internet was first designed, it was designed as an open system that was not unique to anyone and could be used by everyone. This was a technology called “free enterprise” that allowed people to open any door to access, not needing permission from anyone. The open internet principle has played an important role in the rapid spread of the internet today. The main factor that helped this was the standards that ensured the compatibility of devices and software with each other. Today, the standards in accessing the Internet are equal all over the world, and this brings a global approach.

In this context, Bitcoin is similar to the internet. Bitcoin does not belong to anyone, there are no firewalls at the entrance, and anyone can use it freely as they wish, which is called "decentralization". Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it provide limitless possibilities to innovate, and this is exactly why companies and startups are on the rise. Bitcoin is a compatible technology like the internet and its standard is universally accepted. Like the internet or e-mail, "my Bitcoin is your Bitcoin" works in the same system, is traded in global transaction books and can be considered as the world's first truly global currency.