What is HODL (Hold)?


As a word, hodl is the word that gains meaning as a term as a result of the misspelling of the word hold and it means not to trade in the face of variable prices and to protect the current position. This term, which is frequently used in the crypto money world, gained popularity in 2013 with the sharing of a user named GameKyuubi on a forum called Bitcointalk. GameKyuubi mistakenly used the word hodl instead of hold, “I am hodling!” and has continued to be misspelled ever since.


HODL and GameKyuubi

In his post named GameKyuubi, he stated that he will keep the crypto money he owns for a long time with the expectation that he will profit in the future. Hodlers do not sell their cryptocurrencies and generally buy as the Bitcoin price drops. It supports Bitcoin without feeling stress, fear, indecision and continues to hold it for a long time. Since this process takes place over a long period of time, cold wallets are generally preferred to store Bitcoins. And of course, the belief and expectation that Bitcoin will rise in the future is very high