What are the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?


Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are two separate cryptocurrencies. The content of two cryptocurrencies, such as lahmacun and pita, is the same, but the taste is slightly different. Bitcoin Cash is derived from Bitcoin, shares the same white paper, has the same amount of supply, the same mining algorithm and even the same reward system.

Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash aim to be a cryptocurrency that is wanted to be accepted in the world. However, they have technical differences in terms of scalability solutions. 



Features BTC BCH
Established 2009 2017
Founder Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin Unlimited
Block Capacity 1MB 32MB
Solution to Scalability Problem SegWit, Lightning Network Block Capacity Increase


Although Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash have the same mining algorithm, they differ in the difficulty of mining. Along with the technical differences mentioned above, the communities have different ideas and philosophies. Bitcoin aims to be a decentralized, transparent and trustworthy platform against censorship. The Bitcoin Cash community, on the other hand, aims for a user/consumer preferred world and puts this before decentralization.