What is Orchid (OXT)?

Website: https://www.orchid.com

Maximum Supply: -

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 OXT

Circulating Supply: 367,584,352 OXT

Explorer: Orchid Explorer

Whitepaper: Orchid Whitepaper

What is Orchid (OXT)?

Orchid (OXT) is the local network of Orchid, a virtual private network (VPN) powered by cryptocurrency. Launched in December 2019, Orchid describes itself as the world's first promoted, perr to peer privacy network. The core idea behind Orchid is to leverage blockchain technology to enhance the existing VPN experience.

The goal of the protocol is to use cryptocurrency payments to allow users to purchase bandwidth from any participant and to overcome restrictions on the internet. This transaction is made using the so-called probabilistic nanopayment feature, which takes place using OXT, a token with the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. Regular payments to providers occur outside the blockchain. This allows Orchid to eliminate the backlog and Gas fees problems in its Ethereum network.

Who is Orchid (OXT) Founder?

Orchid has four founding partners; As the CEO, Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Jay Freeman, Brian J. Fox, and Gustav Simonsson are well-known names in blockchain and finance. Waterhouse is a well-known person in cryptocurrency and is also a co-founder of Pantera Capital, which is responsible for investing in some of the industry's most popular companies.