What is a Blockchain Node?

The concept of node, which we can express in Turkish as a node, refers to a copy of the blockchain, that is, the registry used, in a single hardware device. Every computer or device connected to Bitcoin is considered a node because it is in communication with each other, and these devices are divided into types according to their function, such as full node, light node, miner nodes.



Its main purpose is to preserve the integrity of the blockchain. Thanks to the presence of nodes, cryptocurrencies become resistant to cyber attacks, frauds and crashes. The more nodes a blockchain has, the more secure it becomes. Because these nodes are spread all over the world and it is almost impossible to completely destroy them. Also, a lot of memory is needed to run these nodes because block stacks contain a lot of data.


Bitcoin Node

It is computer nodes that enable the blockchain context, designed as a network of decentralized systems, to use Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized digital currency that is inherently censorship-proof and requires no middlemen (long distances) for inter-user transactions.


Full Node

Full nodes are nodes that provide serious support and security to Bitcoin. At the same time, these nodes are called validator nodes because they work in the process of confirming transactions and blocks in accordance with the system's consensus rules. Full nodes can transfer new transactions and blocks to the blockchain. Typically, full nodes download a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain containing each block and transaction. It is possible to create a full node with different software plugins, but Bitcoin Core is the most commonly used. The minimum requirements to become a Bitcoin Core full node are as follows: A desktop or laptop computer with the latest version of Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux 200 GB of free disk space 2GB memory (RAM) High speed internet connection with upload speed of at least 50 kB/SConnection with no limit or high upload limit. The full node must be up and running for at least 6 hours in a day. It is better to run continuously (24/7).


Mining Nodes

In order to mine Bitcoin, one has to invest in special mining hardware and programs. Since these mining programs are not directly linked to Bitcoin Core, they must be run in parallel with Bitcoin Core in order to mine Bitcoin blocks. A miner can choose to work alone (solo miner) or in groups