What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

The popularity of digital assets is increasing day by day. Well, is it possible to make shopping payments with digital assets that can be transferred anywhere in the world without the need for a center? What can be bought with Bitcoin?

It is known that the first purchase with Bitcoin was 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC on May 22, 2010. Prior to this transaction, it is thought that a graphic designer paid for a template purchased online with Bitcoin, but there is no evidence that this transaction took place.

Today, Bitcoin payments are increasingly accepted, especially in online stores and by some big brands. Vendors like many e-commerce sites; It manages to avoid the risk of return or loss that may arise from price changes by instantly converting Bitcoin to dollars. The risk of loss for buyers paying with Bitcoin continues due to the constant fluctuation of the Bitcoin price. Considering that the price of the product or service to be purchased has not changed; It will be more advantageous to pay with BTC during periods when the Bitcoin price is high, as less BTC will be paid.

Shopping with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, whose validity is constantly increasing, is becoming more and more common. Shopping with Bitcoin offers the same freedoms and flexibility as shopping with credit cards. It is now possible to buy clothes, electronics, groceries, furniture, video games, crafts and even books with Bitcoin. In addition, investment vehicles such as cars, real estate and precious metals can be purchased with Bitcoin.

Which Brands Accept Payment with Bitcoin?

Many valuable brands that have proven their reliability around the world accept payments with Bitcoin.

Payments giant PayPal and Visa allow their users to create a Bitcoin wallet, buy Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin through funds from their bank accounts.

Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin payments in its app stores, where you can download movies, games, and app-based services.

Expedia, CheapAir, and Surf Air take flight and hotel payments with Bitcoin. Virgin Galactic, which offers the opportunity to travel to space, also accepts payments with Bitcoin, of course, from passenger astronauts who turn their travel route to space.

If you want to buy gifts with Bitcoin, the surest solution is to buy gift cards through Gyft. Thus, the person receiving your gift can use this card for shopping at any store.

The vast majority of people who are interested in Bitcoin enjoy playing video games. Many gaming platforms have already started to receive payments with Bitcoin. For example, it is possible to pay Twitch subscription fees with Bitcoin.

Among music lovers, the number of Bitcoin lovers is increasing every day. Knowing this, musicians like Bjork and Imogen Heep allow their songs to be downloaded for Bitcoin.

Starbucks accepts Bitcoin payments through its partnership with Bakkt, but this payment method is not yet implemented in Turkey.

Another example of shopping with Bitcoin, which has not yet been implemented in Turkey, is the ability to purchase precious metals such as gold and silver with Bitcoin from the Sharps Pixley store in the UK or through APMEX or JM Bullion.

Sweden is the first country to accept payment in Bitcoin for education, and students who want to study at the University of Lucerne, Sweden, can pay their tuition with Bitcoin.

Some legal, auditing and accounting firms also allow service fees to be paid in Bitcoin. Among the most important of these is PwC.

Among the things you can buy with Bitcoin, there is even a pinch of happiness. Charitable organizations such as BitHope, BitGive, and Fidelity Charitable or other crowdfunding sites accept donations in Bitcoin. It is also possible to buy some happiness for people who are waiting for help by donating Bitcoin.

You can check sites like SpendBitcoins or CoinMap for a list of other Bitcoin payment stores near you.