Old People Buy Gold, Young People Buy Bitcoin

The famous US-based investment bank and financial services company JPMorgan Chase & Co pointed out that the behavior of small investors has changed during the pandemic. He stated that the behavior of investors during the Covid-19 pandemic period varies according to age groups. Accordingly, younger investors are turning to digital assets such as Bitcoin, while older investors continue to turn to more traditional assets such as gold and silver.
The strategists of the firm, led by Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, analyzed that while investors are generally interested in valuable assets, older investors are turning to gold and younger investors are turning to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. At the same time, in the stock exchange, they determined that the Y generation bought stocks, primarily in the technology sector, and the X generation was directed to stock selling transactions.

Investment Preferences Are Changing With Digitalization

With the entry of the age of technology, many daily or long-term needs are met in the digital environment. In recent years, people's investment habits have been directed to digital platforms, just as shopping habits have been directed to e-commerce applications and social media platforms instead of physical environments.
It is normal for the younger generation, who adapt to technological developments more easily and widely, to move their investing habits to investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It is possible to associate Bitcoin's rapid rise in time since its debut and the fact that it has become the focus of attention for every young investor today with digitalization. Many cryptocurrencies (ICOs) offered after Bitcoin have also been in high demand by the younger generation and this interest is constantly increasing.
Older investors continued to invest their excess liquidity in valuable assets such as gold. The Covid-19 epidemic, which has worried the world, has had negative effects on the economy of countries. It has been observed that people all over the world direct their spending to investment in this situation. We can attribute the fact that older investors evaluate their liquidity by investing in valuable assets such as gold or silver, because they have not yet completed the digital adaptation process.

Generation X Adapts to Digital Asset Investment Research

shows that this situation has started to change in 2020 and that the X generation is now turning to digital asset investments. In addition to the fact that the habits of the young generation to invest in digital assets such as Bitcoin have become permanent, the turn of the X generation to cryptocurrencies provides information about the digital future of money and investment.
His last comment on the future of money is the “What is Cryptocurrency?” published by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in August, 2020. We leave it to you by suggesting you watch the video titled.