4 Important Steps to Ensure Financial Security

Like many transactions in our daily lives, we prefer the internet environment for our financial transactions. So, what should be considered for the security of financial information during all these transactions made over the internet? We have compiled four important safety steps that must be followed for you.

1. Use a strong password and change your password regularly

The first important step in securing your account is to create an unpredictable password. You must use a strong and different password for each account you create on the Internet. This approach is especially important for accounts with value.

Passwords created need to be approximated to uniqueness using different characters. Thus, you extend the time required for the password to be guessed by attackers. The most secure and least predictable passwords; These are passwords that are created using a combination of both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

You can check how strong the passwords you use are on the How Secure Is My Password website. The longer the predictability period, the more secure you will create a password.

In addition to creating secure passwords, you should also manage passwords securely for the security of your internet accounts. It is necessary to create a different password for each membership, to check all these passwords regularly, to keep them and to update them continuously. For password management, you can use a secure password manager software. Of course, you should make sure that you create a strong master password to login to the software you are using.

Creating strong passwords and using a password manager are important steps for the security of your accounts, but it is necessary to constantly change the e-mail addresses that the logins are connected to, like passwords, and to use different e-mail addresses for different accounts. In this way, you can eliminate data breaches and some of the potentially harmful effects. Especially if you're using an old email address, it's much more likely to have suffered a security breach in the past than a new email address. If you choose to use a different email address for each service, it's less likely to affect your other accounts.

2. Enable two-step verification (2FA)

One of the first and most important steps you need to do right after creating your account is to use an application that can do Two-Factor Verification (2FA) or to receive a verification code via text message.

To create the two-step verification code, you can use the following globally accepted authentication applications such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

When you enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in the security settings of your membership in Coinpara, you can generate a verification code during your member login using one of these authentication applications.

3. Learn about phishing attacks

Phishing is a type of attack in which malicious people impersonate another person or company to obtain your personal information. It is one of the most common types of attacks and you need to be very careful against these attacks.

It is possible that you are logging into a web address created by attackers and malicious people, which appears as the address (URL) of the website you want to log in in the search results you make from search engines. In this case, your membership and personal information may be in the hands of attackers.

In order to be protected from these phishing attacks, it is necessary to access the site from secure and registered sources, or to bookmark the websites you visit frequently and log in from these signs.

4. Do not make financial transactions on uncertified websites

Another way to make sure websites that make payments or other financial transactions are secure is to have that website's certificate approved. The address of a website whose digital certificate has been validated; It starts with the https code. Websites starting with http do not have security certificates and encryption for information exchanges. The certificate has been verified in terms of the security of your card information or financial information such as account number; that is, you should make financial transactions on websites that encrypt your data before sending it and whose URL starts with "HTTP://".

Finally; As in all other internet transactions, we recommend that you take these four security measures into consideration during your membership, crypto money trading and account transfer transactions for the security of financial information.


Coinpara, Digital Asset Transaction Platform supports all these measures for the security of financial information.