Your Cryptocurrencies are Secured with BitGo!

Your cryptocurrencies in Coinpara are protected by BitGo insurance, which has proven itself in the custody service worldwide. At Coinpara, your cryptocurrencies are secured with BitGo.

BitGo is a blockchain company founded in 2013 by Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. While the company initially only offered online storage for Bitcoin, it has now become the BitGo digital wallet that supports almost all popular altcoins.

Today, BitGo is a bitcoin wallet that provides users with great security features, interactive design, and a modern interface. It is a multi-signature, multi-user and highly secure wallet that offers top-notch services compared to other wallets. BitGo provides cryptocurrency wallet and vault service for both individuals and organizations. The company's biggest investors include Goldman Sachs, DRW Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and Redpoint Ventures from BitGo. BitGo supports over 200 crypto custody services.


What are the Advantages of BitGo?


Private Blockchain Network

The blockchain in bitcoins is private and therefore BitGo can create customized private blockchain networks for specific organizations.

Multi-Signed Wallet

This is one of the safest and most secure ways to transact through the wallet. Multi-signature not only allows multiple users to use a single account but also provides security features for transacting


The design and user interface of BitGo is excellent or extremely attractive to users. It creates a very understandable and user-friendly interface.


BitGo is considered the most secure bitcoin wallet on the market. This reliability is BitGo's strongest point. The most important feature that users need is security, and BitGo provides high-level security in many ways.

Instant and fast transactions

BitGo offers its users instant and fast transactions. The firm works to increase the speed and rapidity of its transactions.


How Is BitGo So Secure?


BitGo includes some high-grade security features. BitGo wallets have one of the best security systems. BitGo acts as a key protector for several wallets, including Luno. It also supports 2-factor authentication, which makes the system more reliable. Wallet security is provided with multi-signature and key-protecting features. BitGo separates keys between itself and the user. An attacker would need to breach both the user and BitGo systems to steal the keys. The user generates and stores the user key himself. In addition, BitGo uses the encryption protocol P2SH, which provides the most secure encryption.

BitGo's powerful API also gives institutional investors the option to integrate multi-signature security, policies and controls directly into their platform. BitGo is also the first wallet provider to provide users with the ability to purchase their own theft insurance and Lost Key Insurance directly through Digital Asset Services.

As explained, your cryptocurrencies in Coinpara are protected by BitGo insurance, which has proven itself in the custody service worldwide. All cryptocurrencies you own in Coinpara are protected by BitGo insurance by taking the highest security measures.