Experience Speed, Confidence and Comfort Together

Easy and fast Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions, comfortable market analysis and we thought of everything you need for secure order management.

Design Your Own Trading Platform

In Coinpara, you can create unlimited worksheets and add, remove and relocate any dashboard you want.

You can add multiple workspaces, charts and more than 90 technical indicators for the cryptocurrency you are trading. You can change the colors of the graphics tools and the background as you wish.

Fast and Easy Transaction, Secure Order Tracking

All details have been considered in order to be able to process faster.

The prices of cryptocurrencies are current and the liquidity is very high. You can buy and sell crypto at any price and amount you want.

Buy-sell orders are transmitted to the market within milliseconds.

With one-click and double-click options, you can make quick transactions at market prices by just clicking the buttons.


Professional Charts and Easy Technical Analysis

All technical tools are available to determine the correct transaction price.

You can create full-screen charts for each cryptocurrency in multiple minute, hourly, daily and weekly periods.

You can use popular technical analysis like Bollinger Bands, RSI, SMA, MACD, Ichimoku or make your own technical drawings like Fibonacci levels on the charts.


Other Facilitating Tools

Coinpara fulfills all the needs of those who follow the crypto money markets, on a single platform.

With the live video broadcast, you can follow the charts and enter orders on the same page, while simultaneously following the current news about the markets.

By setting up price alerts, you can be informed in advance of your planned transaction price. You can monitor your transaction messages to follow the realization status of your orders safely.


You are now ready!